Grisedale Noir

Ed has revealed my birthday present early- we’re off to Chamonix skiing! I’m a very lucky girl! So this weekend, we went to Snow Factor in Glasgow to get a bit of practice in.

The ‘colourful apparition’ returns!

From glorious technicolor to noir…

Next weekend is Peddars Way, an ultra marathon down in Norfolk so we’re tapering right down. Today we did a short run, we decided to do a variation on the ‘Grisedale Grind’ route, adding on a little distance. As we were just taking it easy, Ed took his new camera, he felt like black and white highlighted the contrast of the frost on the hillsides. So that’s why the pictures are so ‘noir’…. I can’t say that word without it sounding like Rick Stein’s voice in my head, we’d been catching up on his ‘Long Weekends’ and in his trip to Berlin, he must have said ‘noir’ about a hundred times.

We parked at the viewpoint and picked up the trail at Revelin Moss (the Grisedale Grind fell race starts here- straight up, straight down, 2.5 miles of hell im told…will find out for real in April I guess!)

It was freezing.

The views were  breathtaking and the frost gave an eerie lichen-like impression as it clung to the fell sides, ancient in age but timeless- like it has never changed. Probably feels like that as we always seem to tackle Grisedale in winter.

After the summit, we cut down and into the forest. It was a bleak, strange, moody little run- very noir…


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