Chamonix Miscellany

It all started on Saturday!

The inaugural Newcastle University Cow Bell 3 mile (5 mile for Ed)

Town Moor, serious crowd, hard work, 9th place- Ed, a stunning 5th

Night in Newcastle then on Sunday it was off to Chamonix!! Courtesy of Ed- the bestest birthday present!

We enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon shopping in Chamonix and an evening drinking champagne and watching shooting stars from our balcony.

Monday, we hit the slopes on Le Flegere, took a little getting used to, it was so much warmer than I expected. I put my new goggles and salopettes (thanks Ed!) to the test, we fell a few times but were soon flying. One massive advantage of Ed snowboarding is that everyone avoided him on the lift, so we had it all to ourselves every time.

We hit Tines by around 2pm and after a rest and a coffee, headed out for an apres ski trail run.

We followed the Boucle des Tines (with a little difficulty as it was icy as…snowshoes recommended..) but the light was amazing and we had an a wonderful time running through the forest, catching views of the mountains through the trees.

We had a picnic that evening after buying a selection of cheeses and charcuterie.. plus my giant meringue- a tradition for me, it wouldn’t be Chamonix without it!

The next day we hit the slopes again, it was a little cloudier today and we made an effort to be there early as possible to get the best out of the snow.

Then it was out for tea and a few drinks. We had Japanese today, at our favourite restaurant Satsuki.

The next day we rented cross country skis and did about 10K worth of trails. It was so much fun, I loved every second! I’m really interested in developing this, with a little research, it looks like Norway might be a good option in future.

We then went to the spa to warm up, views never disappointing!

That evening Ed had booked Le Bistrot in a the center of Chamonix and we enjoyed the most wonderful meal. Escargot, veal and cider granita being some of the stand out elements.

And that was the perfect end to a perfect holiday- thanks to Ed! Love you!! Can’t wait to go back!

Finally, the last view from the hotel before we headed to the airport-


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