Coledale Horseshoe

Had a bit of an easy week after the Welcome Ultra. Went to the gym on Thursday for an easy 5k, I ended up picking up the pace a bit and am really starting to notice a positive difference in my general fitness.

Saturday was an old school day on the fells. The Coledale Horseshoe.

It was my first proper fell run a few years ago (haven’t done the race yet- it’s in a couple of weeks and I might just give it a bash. I decided to take my poles, I wouldn’t usually but because I haven’t used them in ages I thought I’d get a bit of practice in. We have a race in Courmayeur in July and so it’s good to put them to the test from time to time.

The route starts near the Coledale Inn in Braithwaite and heads up to the summit of Grisedale. It’s a tough old climb but a real classic, with varied terrain and stunning views. It was dramatic on Saturday as there was a lot of low cloud sweeping across the fells.

From here we drop down and bear around Coledale Hause, skirting around Eel Crag to the top of Crag Hill. Past the summit cairn brings us to Sail and down the miner’s track to Outerside and Stile End.

It was a brilliant day out, really nice getting back to basics. Spent today up High Pike with work, but that’s another story. Not sure what next weekend will bring, limitless possibilities! How lucky I am!


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