Carrock Fell Race

I had a dream last night that I was a race car driver but the track was inflatable and had a big hole in the middle. I parked up my inflatable car, cleaned my novelty sunglasses, packed my two ferrets in my Salomon race vest and bounced off the edge. I floated down to the bottom and woke up feeling so comfy and snug..smug as well because it was blowing a gale outside with horrendous rain….then I remembered that I had a fell race today.

Sometimes you read blogs and people seem super motivated, positive, keen- that’s adorable. But it’s not me.

I’ve always had to graft for everything, I wouldn’t say that ‘natural ability’ comes naturally to me, I have to work for things. It can be frustrating but it’s worth it when you achieve something that you’ve worked really hard for it. I often have to work on my motivation, it’s hard to find sometimes. Sometimes I fake being motivated and guess what? Sometimes it achieves the same results!

Today it was wet, windy and I had to fake being motivated. I told myself that I’d worry about my lack of motivation on the descent.
The race took place on home turf- Calebreck, Carrock, High Pike and back so it had to be done. I do love it up there and it was only 6 miles, not a big deal right?

I dropped my glove in a puddle at the start.

The weather was really awful, I think it was up there with the worst in terms of rain, wind and visibility, it eased off eventually but not until the first climb was over.

There was a lot of ground water and runnable sections became boggy swamps, it was hard. I felt a bit frustrated as I don’t feel like I’m improving. I know that I am really but even so. Once we were over the top of Carrock, my mood changed and the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach did pay off and the motivation became more tangible. I began to enjoy the challenge of the weather and for the rest of the race, I had a smile on my face.

FYI- hair was like that before the race…no excuses.

After High Pike some funny route choices made for a varied descent. Some took the high road, others, the low….I decided to go for the Goldilocks Principle and went for the middle….it wasn’t quite ‘just right’ and I made a bit of a hash of it but it didn’t matter, I finished…not quite last but not far off- still smiling!

Looking for motivation? Just fake it.

Or, alternatively, buy yourself some beers for afters.


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