A slow start and a Fairfield 

Monday was a slow jog round my local 4 mile loop. Wednesday- ‘midweek mountain’ has made a comeback now the nights are lighter….although Latrigg isn’t a mountain really but I felt pretty good. It was raining and lovely conditions for running. Because I was in a good mood, I ran all the way to the top…funny how that works.

I had every intention of doing parkrun this Saturday but I decided that I deserved a lie in and instead did 6 miles around Talkin Tarn. Two easy laps, two tempo and one fast- translation: well I tried to run faster but to be really honest I felt tired and so it wasn’t very fast at all.

Had time to do a little Ultra-Thought:

Sunday was the day of adventure! Stunning weather. Struggled to park in Ambleside but did eventually. I’m doing the Fairfield Horseshoe this year and so today was a recce day.

We picked up the ‘training route’ section from Rydal Mount and started the four mile climb. The first point of note before joining the actual route was Nab Scar.

After a K or so the next summit was Heron Pike then a descent and climb up to Great Rigg. I was bounding along, thinking about how confident I was feeling, the sun was shining, Ed was a bit further back taking some photos, I came up behind a couple of walkers on a narrow path and was in the midst of an internal dialogue discussing the best route to pass them…. next thing I know I’m flat on my back. Luckily, being a black belt in Judo, I know how to fall (I’m not the best black belt in Judo….I got thrown a lot- I know how to land well) so I rolled out of it and preserved some dignity. I was a bit scuffed and bruised but ok, Ed missed the whole thing.

Next was Fairfield, most of the height is gained by this point, so it’s not too bad, then on to Hart Crag. It’s rocky and frustrating here. Then Dove Crag.

Then the descending begins, it’s technical and requires concentration.

I have so much admiration for people who do races like this, I know it’s going to be a really tough one for me. Today, without pressure, it was just amazing.


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