Three Village 10 

A late write up.

Last Sunday was the Three Village 10. A new 10 mile race taking in the villages of Wetheral, Scotby and Cumwhinton…twice! It was a 5 mile, two lap course along quiet country roads.

After the Grisedale Grind, I thought I’d got away without too much stiffness…how wrong I was. The dreaded DOMS set in on Friday and I was waddling to to start line on the Sunday.  I just accepted it and thought of it more like a training run.

The weather was gorgeous, beautiful sunny day.

My legs felt like lead the whole time and from about 7 miles in, my countdown had begun and I was looking forward to finishing. I had The Pixies ‘Monkey’s Gone to Heaven’ in my head from about mile 5. 

As a race, it was really well organised. Plenty helpful marshals, lots of water stations and I think the cutest medal ever:


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