Running Tours Prague 

I’d never done running tour but have always fancied it. This time I had a willing friend to do it with and a new city to explore, so I decided to take the plunge.

We’d arrived in Prague the day before and we’re staying in an apartment that was pretty central. I have to include this picture of the tasting menu from Portfolio that we visited as it was simply outstanding:

I’d tried to book the tour for 9.30am as I thought we’d want a slight lie in after an evening of good food and wine but was contacted to recommend an earlier start due to how busy the city gets….so 7.30am it was (and I was so glad that I did go with their recommendation as we went out again later to see the astronomical clock chime and it was super, super busy)

I chose the 11k Compact Prague Tour. It was really easy to book and there was lots of communication about how things would work, we were met just outside our apartment by our guide.

The run was an easy pace, I was wondering what it would shape up like- was the guide going to lead us to places then stop and talk? Was it going to be too hard/easy? I needn’t have worried- the guide was mindful of pace, responded to questions and talked the whole time. He was extremely knowledgeable and funny, I learned so much more than I would have from a guide book. We did take a couple of stops at key places and we got to see some ‘hidden’ parts of the city that we’d not thought of visiting.

It was expertly timed and lasted around 1 hr 30 mins, pretty much bang on for 11k

After the tour we were sent some pictures that the guide took (I brought my GoPro as well) and a Strava map of the route.

I would definitely recommend Running Tours, I guess a lot depends on the guide but ours was brilliant and I will definitely be using them for other city breaks.

This was the map from my Garmin (it starts at the Astronomical Clock as it couldn’t pick up satellites initially)


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