Ravenscar 10K

Spent the day in Whitby, wandering around. Didn’t realise it was the Hardmoors 110 and as a few runners emerged through the whale bone, I felt a pang of jealousy. Feel like it’s been ages since ive had a proper day out doing an ultra. 110 is perhaps a little far…

Nevertheless, I had a race the following day. A 10K near Robin Hood’s Bay. The elevation profile is a laugh, like a big smiley face. In reality 2.5 miles downhill, 3.5 miles uphill. 🙂

After a pub dinner and a couple of pints, I slept well. We were in the van on a campsite, not too far from the race start in Ravenscar. It was grey, damp and windy. Fingers crossed for wind direction in our favour.

The start was slightly delayed but that was fine, the van really comes into its own in those situations. We left it until the last minute and dived out ready to go (as usual for me, jogging 5 meters to the start is warm up enough)

I’d made a decision that I was going to run really fast…at the start…and worry about the second half later. So everything that you’ve heard about ‘pacing’ well, I chose to ignore it.

It was easy underfoot, a mix of tarmac and track. I was running hard and out of breath. The road stretched ahead and I realised that I was 2nd Lady and closing on 1st.  After mile and a bit, the route took a sharp turn onto farmland. Field and muddy slopes down and up again onto the road. I was now 1st Lady and extremely tired.

From here it was all uphill. Nothing too steep, just long dragging climbs up road before cutting back onto fields. The steady, grassy hills brought us up onto the cliff path towards Robin Hood’s Bay. It was windy and I felt like the most unqualified first lady in the whole wide world. I was expecting to be overtaken, but no one came.

I pressed on and tried to stick with a couple of blokes up ahead- tucking in to avoid the wind, it offered little relief. A few spectators and marshals offered encouragement, letting me know that I was in 15th place overall. I grimaced and accepted that I would undoubtedly be overtaken.

But no one came. We emerged off the cliff path and back onto tarmac for the final climb up and around to the finish. How is this happening? For the first time, I look behind….there’s nobody there…am I going to actually do this?

By the time I staggered through the finish I was absolutely spent. I found out that Ed has finished in 2nd place overall- an amazing result, and here I was as 1st Lady. Amazing for me!



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