Latrigg Fell Race, Crazy Cow 10k, a 200m Relay, High Pike and a wedding…

I’m behind with this post!

Couple of weeks ago now, after work, in glorious sunshine we drove to Keswick to run in the Latrigg Fell race. It starts in the park, heads up Spooney Green and takes a pretty brutal direct line up to the top of Latrigg. The descent is a pretty much parallel route down, just as brutal in decline, back to the park. It’s only 2.5miles.

 It was a small field but some big names attracting fell running royality. The record is ridiculous, set by Kenny Stuart in 1984 (16.37 😱😱😱) and was not broken this time.

My goal was (as is the running theme) to enjoy it, hopefully not come last and try and get under 30 mins. I succeeded on all three counts so that’s a win for me!

There is some amazing drone footage of the race here:

Credit: James Appleton

It shows how words fail in giving an insight into these races. I watched it back and thought that yeah, it’s pretty cool to be part of something like that. I was one of those dots!

On the Sunday it was a different story. A 10K race in Preston. We have done it before (the day after wedding- erk) and I felt so awful that day that I made a complete hash of it…I think I even cried… I’ve toughened up a lot since then.

I’ve also gotten faster but I’d looked at the finishing times and they were super fast. This one was a club runner favourite attracting around 700 runners. There was no pressure so I went into it looking to improve on my current PB.

It was a really flat race, with lots of twists and turns. Great support along the route. I felt ok and felt pretty comfortable the whole way, I know that I could have pushed a bit harder but I managed to squeeze a slight PB.

Appropriate beer to celebrate-

Wednesday was a light jog to my best friends’ wedding rehearsal and back- it was so hot that day- luckily the church was cool because it was absolutely sweltering! In the spirit of the weekend’s success I made time for a quick cow selfie on the way back-

On Friday I ran for my House in the 20x 200m relay race for Sports Day. 200m- actually really enjoyed it! Reminds me why I love distance running though I have to say. Pimms isn’t the best pre sprint prep.

That evening, I was off  for a walk up High Pike with one of my best mates who is tackling the Three Peaks soon. It was a beautiful evening but again, very hot. Great views and company. It was quite nice not to be running and just take our time and enjoy it.

Then it was the big wedding of the year! And I was Maid of Honour- such a beautiful day for a wonderful couple. It also gives me an excuse to post a glam selfie. If only I could look like that in my race photos!! 


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