I did the Grasmere Gallop two days after that epic run. Great race, 10K on trail. I took it easy and came 9th female. Great.

Not so great, I picked up an injury and I’ve been suffering ever since. I’ve rested, iced, elevated, ibuprofen-ed the works. It’s improved a little but I’ve booked in for physio next week to get some advice.

So, on to more exciting news. On Wednesday I went to Trail Running Magazine headquarters in Peterborough to find out more about the #committedinov8 campaign.

Myself and three others were issued with our new kit (happened to be pink and blue-yes life!) this included:

Trail short, AT/C Base LS, AT/C SSZ, Raceshell, Windshield, Roclite 290, Wrag, All Terrain 3 Bumbag, Socks All Terrain Mid Socks, Tri Blend Tee.

It really suits me as I already run in Inov8 shoes, I’ve also got their leggings and jacket so I do believe in the kit.

We were told that we’d be following a training plan, with guidance from the amazing athlete Ben Mounsey to gear us up for a race in early September. This is really exciting for me as although I do run quite a bit, I’ve never followed a plan consistently. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with it. 

We then went for a run with Trail Running Magazine’s new Editor and Training Editor, around the trails of Peterborough. Riverside footpaths and grassy fields, very flat but pretty and accessible.

It was a really great day and I’m feeling very lucky to be part of #committedinov8  alongside a great bunch of runners. Thanks to the Trail Running Magazine team who were extremely helpful and friendly.

Our blogs will be featured on the Trail Running Magazine website as we each take on our challenge, we’ll be posting our progress regularly.

So, now back in hilly Cumbria, the next thing was to test the kit! It was also a good opportunity for Ed to work on his photography skills šŸ“·šŸ˜‰

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