A couple of tarns

For the first time in what felt like weeks, the sun was out in Cumbria. We made the most of it by heading out to Mungrisedale where, armed with sausage rolls, we climbed Carrock Fell and crossed the valley up to Bowscale Tarn. Much of it was off the beaten track and some creative route choices made for an interesting and challenging little run. 7 miles, 712m climb.

It was a bit of a recce for a race I’m hoping to be recovered in time for- The Old Crown Round. At the moment I’m thinking that the L50 might be a step to far with my injury, I think I’d be fine but I’m just worried that it will hamper my forward progress. We’ll have to see how that one develops and I’m going to take some advice from my physio.

On Sunday I wanted to pick up the speed a little bit so I ran three laps around Talkin Tarn on flat, hard-packed trails to reach my 5k target for the day. I felt pretty good and my ankle held up well. I’m gearing up for a 10 mile trail race in Spain on Saturday so fingers crossed my niggle will continue to improve!
Now the main issue is packing! And I’m sure you’ll know the footwear packing issues with holidays- I’ve done a bit of research and I think the Roclites are going to do the trick on the trails of Lloret de Mar. Just need to remember the headtorch as the race starts at 9pm!

2 thoughts on “A couple of tarns

  1. I’ve got Xclaws, terraclaws as well but I think the Roclites are going to be good fit for the type of trails….this doesn’t seem to be too technical as a race. My worry is my injury but thanks! Fingers crossed 🀞 I’ll report back 😊


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