Foodie Heaven…and some running

Arrived in Lloret de Mar on Tuesday….it’s kind of rough and ready I guess but there’s lots of potential for adventures. 

My ankle is holding up well and I got out for my first run on Wednesday morning. It was just a couple of miles a little too late in the day but it got the legs moving and I felt pretty good. It was enough to feel as though I’d earned my tea at the highly rated Restaurant Mas Romeu-

Thursday we went to Barcelona so no running but I made up for it by fulfilling a lifelong dream that I didn’t know I had- feeding koi carp from a bottle at Barcelona Aquarium.

Then it was lunch at the Michelin Star Caelis, (Heaven?)- just wonderful from start to finish. Very reasonably priced as well, it’s worth checking lunch menus at these places, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Those arrestingly coloured quenelles are flavoured butter by the way…

Back to the running then and we’re on Friday today. Got the 10 mile night trail race tomorrow so we went for an easy 5 miles this morning, making sure that we got up early to avoid the heat.

We headed through the urban sprawl of Lloret, refreshingly peaceful at 7am… Save a few hardcore stop-outs.

We ran along the beach side path toward Fenals, beautiful views and reasonably cool.

A slight wrong turn made for some impromptu bouldering for Ed.

But we soon found our way and reached our turnaround point, heading back to make it 5 miles. There was quite a lot of short, sharp climbing and I think that’s indicative of what we’ll have in store tomorrow. Although I feel like I’m moving a bit awkwardly, my ankle is holding up well so we’ll take it easy. It depends on how tomorrow goes but I’m hoping to get back to proper training once I’m home.

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