Night Trail Lloret de Mar

At 9.30pm in Lloret de Mar there’s a lot of people ordering their first fishbowl in anticipation of a messy night ahead.

I, on the other hand, was starting out on a 10 mile trail race.

What do we have in common? Well, stumbling into the hotel after midnight, waking up aching all over, eating junk food.

The difference? Well, no feelings of regret for me and no headache of course!

It meant a lot for me to line up amongst 500+ runners, mostly locals, as I’ve been battling through injury. Part of that has meant active recovery. My routine has been 10km bike, 5x 3 min row and 30 mins on the stair climb, in an effort to lower impact but maintain fitness.

So as I lined up with Ed, (who ran with me and encouraged me as always) I was really nervous. It’s been a while since I’ve raced.

The organisation- Wefeel Events, was fantastic and it was a much bigger affair than either of us expected, complete with chip timing, start and finish gantries, and motivational music. There was a 7km or 16km option with around 550 runners across both events, in an about equal split.

Although it was 9.30pm, it was still very hot and the light faded rapidly. The route was mostly hard-packed, dusty, forest trails that included some challenging climbs. We’d agreed that this was not a ‘race’ for us, the emphasis being on getting round and enjoying the atmosphere, hoping that my ankle would hold up.

The first major climb as pretty tough but a water stop near the summit made for a welcome break. I was moving pretty well on the ascents but the heat made it hard work and I made sure to slow the pace.

It was very hot and the close, forest sections were really sweaty. There was some quite technical terrain as well where water had coursed down the narrow tracks creating dry, rocky gullies that needed a decent level of grip and concentration. My Roclites were well suited to the terrain and we were gaining places on the descents.

We passed by what looked like a monument or Church, it was lit up pink in the night and was quite a sight. Planning on heading back up tomorrow to find out what it was.

After the final water stop, the route emerged back into the urban sprawl of Fenals and on to Lloret by the very same path that we’d taken the other day. A few stairs made for tough work and the final section into the finish was on strength- sapping sand.

It was a great atmosphere and we were well looked after with a post race Catalan snack of sausage and tomato bread.

I’m stiff today but that’s to be expected, no swelling so fingers crossed. The results came in as well and I was pleased to see that I’d finished 6th female. Great race and I’d definitely recommend it if you fancy something a little more challenging than a fishbowl in Lloret de Mar!

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