Walk with integrity 

Last day of what has been a varied holiday. We hadn’t set out to make it a ‘foodie’ based trip but it sort of became one…possibly because the hotel wasn’t all that great and the tourist bustle of Lloret left a lot to be desired in terms of authentic Catalan cuisine.

We stretched to one last gastronomic adventure last night at Freu and enjoyed the tasting menu there. It was very seafood-centric, full of locally sourced ingredients. 

This morning we explored the wider trails of Lloret. It’s fantastically placed to access the long distance GR92  (Mediterranean Path) that links up with local trails. It’s colour coded, well maintained and clearly way marked, maps available from tourist information.
We followed the Green route up to Santuari de Sant Pere del Bosc, passing the Angel Monument and various shrines along the way. It was more of a hike than a run, the aftermath of a big effort in the race, rich food and plenty glasses of cava but we enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes walking together is enough.

‘Walk with integrity’ Proverbs 20:7.

7 miles



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