Sheepishly catching up

Had a lovely day today with my wonderful Mum, spent rediscovering the Lakes, visited Wordsworth’s childhood home in Cockermouth and went to Keswick- not in running kit for once!
Training-wise: I’ve had a good week. 

Lots of climbing- Lonscale Fell early in the week, in the evening light. Inspiring me and making me thankful for just being alive!

Somewhere above Rydal…jumping for joy before going off piste, getting a little lost but finding our way back to Rydal…eventually!

And then on top of the world with the golf balls and gliders up at Cross Fell.

That’s the exciting stuff. I skipped Park Run in order to get some climbing in. But speed work needed to come from somewhere and so yesterday (partly inspired by the athletics) was a ‘track’ session….(grass track on a field, my old secondary school in fact). What followed was an extremely challenging, slightly rewarding session of 8 x 800m.

Sorry, no pictures from that one- they’d need a health warning…. what’s puce, sweaty and lying on the ground?  Oh yeah, that’s me!

  1. Final little thing, over on Ultra-thoughts on Facebook, I ran a little ‘competition’ for personalised sheep- it proved pretty popular and one lovely person actually made a donation to charity for his. I’d like to do some more, for charity. So if you’re interested check it out on fb. I’m supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK but will do any charity really:


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