Lakeland Trails 10K #committedinov8

The weather was stunning as we arrived in Keswick, I was full of cold but appreciative of the sunshine.

As always, Lakeland Trails did not disappoint. Their mini-village was in full swing, ready for inov-8 last minute kit purchases, coffees and bacon sandwiches. Before long, the Batala Band swung into action. I hadn’t heard those drums since running Cartmel back when I first started out, it’s something that needs to be heard to be believed.

I knew that I’d improved but in the midst of moving house and jobs, things had been a little difficult I felt pretty exhausted. I’d still managed to follow the training plan and just about found time to fit everything in.

Things got underway pretty quickly and before I knew it, we’d set off. The start of the route is fast and flat, I found myself in a comfortable position for the first climb.

The route has apparently changed since the loss of a section of the railway line path and instead of a lazy start, takes a twisty uphill route. I think it’s known as the rollercoaster to locals, it’s pretty obvious why. I paced myself and took it easy up the longer climbs, having the advantage of knowing this section meant that I was able to gain some places along the way. I was in full Inov-8- representin’! And I have to say, I cannot fault the kit. The ‘Trail Shorts’ are perfect for me as I’m not a shorts person but they’re fully lined so you don’t get that flapping about and they’re also not restrictive so super comfy. 

I’ve been living in my Roclites as well and would definitely recommend them for mixed terrain. Lots of races have road sections where you need that bit of cushioning but have to be confident that you’ll have the grip for the muddy trails. These fit the bill- a great transitional shoe.

After a while, the path evened out to a long grassy flat before the final climb up the back of Latrigg. The sun was shining and the view opened up to reveal the majesty of Skiddaw in it’s purple glory. One last push and then it was all downhill…in a very good way.

With my cold a distant memory and the finish in sight, I focused on running a fast second half. I caught another place and felt pretty good. It was over in no time and I was really chuffed to find that I’d finished in 5th place.

We hung around for a bit afterwards and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. It’s what trail running is all about- running for everyone. No matter what ability, shape or size, age or anything else. Runners are more alike than unalike… to (miss..) quote Maya Angelou.

I loved every minute of the race and being an inov-8 ambassador and working with Trail Running Magazine is fantastic.

If you fancy trying trail running, Lakeland Trails is a great place to start. It’s where I started, my first experience of trail running was their Cartmel event. They sell out pretty quick though! You can find them here: 


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