A mountain to climb

I’ve been seriously lax and given myself a mountain of catching up to do!

So in an exercise of haste (and laziness!) here is the top pics from Jan-March.

#run1000miles is ticking away and I’m trying to balance my running with some decent rides for Flanders. Today Ed and I faced up some big(ish) hills and won- so I’m feeling ok right now!

Running is still ticking away, I’ve been rather busy and seem to have an unshakable fatigue at the moment that has impacted on my pace. Hopefully the answer is just a bit of a rest and I’m hoping that will be part of my Easter break (although I do have an ultra booked in!).

Well, looking through these pictures really does make me smile 😊. I also feel incredibly fortunate to be able to go on little adventures almost every day!


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