How to get your 🍑 handed to you for Â£3

It’s taken weeks to get this post out and life has trundled on since running this race, so lots to catch up on.

Here it is: How to get your 🍑 handed to you for £3.

Step 1: Enter the Blencathra Fell Race. 7.5 miles, loads of m elevation for £3.

Step 2: Do the race.

It’s got to be up there for the best value race of the season- you get physically destroyed in Britain’s most stunning landscape and you get flapjack at the end…all for the princely sum of £3. Does it get any better!?

You will also end up with the most horrific race photos that you will ever see. Bonus.

It starts in Mungrisedale Village Hall, complete with parking and toilets. You’ll need full FRA kit for this one, rightly so, it’s not to be underestimated.


🧢 🧤

🗺 &compass

🧥 👖 waterproof with taped seams

💧 🍫

It’s a Wednesday night race so after a days work, starting at 7pm. Over 100 runners so really good attendance. Plus you get to run with fell running royalty- always a very strong elite field.

So the race itself is humbling. I mean, lots of steep climbing, lots of ridiculous downhills and lots of runnable sections that I was too wrecked to take advantage of. Proper fell running. Do it.

In other news, I won the Hawkshead 10K- and my prize remains in the post. Apparently.

It was a confidence boost as I’ve cut down on racing compared to last year and am trying to train with more consistency and quality (heard that one before!).

I’ve also now completed a Leadership qualification in fell running with England Athletics and am half way through the coaching course- will be fully qualified in November as a Coach ☺️.

#run1000miles challenge is ticking along nicely although this spectacular weather does lead to spectacular tan lines….

And finally a shout out to Hadrian who completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks with me over three days.

Oh and PS: check me out in the current issue of Trailrunning Magazine!

Next race: It’s the Snowdon Race on Saturday…’Go hard or go home’ – I’ll do my best! 😅


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