The trick is…

Monday was wet, really wet.

We had planned to do the Howtown Fell Race route but ended up cutting it short as the weather was against us.

In the finish, we did a challenging 6.5 mile route. Starting near Howtown, we climbed the side of the fell to the summit of Loadpot.

This was the view:

Rather uninspiring, the wind and rain were lashing and after a quick pic:

We beat a rapid descent down towards  Fusedale Beck and back to Howtown. I read some where ‘if it’s not raining, it’s not training’  😏🌧

Today, it wasn’t raining… is that still training??

Anyway it was a special day as it was my Dad’s first ever fell run. I picked High Pike because it’s easy nav, grassy paths and a great view on a nice day. 

I was so impressed!! He’s absolutely rapid on the descents, it certainly tested my mettle!!

There’s no trick by the way….


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